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Questions aboutaudio post?

What files do I need to send?

Master File Export (Folder) - AAF/OMF

  • The folder must contain all original sound files including the sound report if available

  • Any additional sound effects such as Production Sound, Ambiences, Room Tones etc... If unsure check the guidelines for the following video editing softwares!

Picture Final Pic Cut (Video File) - With a visual time stamp File must have embedded audio in Apple ProRes 433 Proxy 1080p (or 720p) format. We would also take additional formats such as Mp4's or .Mov files.

Email or PDF with written conformation of the following: ​ Deadline for revision stage (excluding revisions) SAMPLE & Bit Rate requirements of the project FPS Confirmation (frames per second) Additionally, it always comes in handy to know about the following:​ Individual foley requirements form start and finish timing are particularly useful for foley that does not follows visual queues such as what's happening behind a door or a particular style you might be after for your production! Remember, the more we know about your project, the more we can find the perfect balance of expertise, artistic choices and industry standard procedures to deliver the best product we can to bring your story to life. Sound Design/Foley notes and reference material - Particularly useful for foley that does not follows visual queues such as what's happening behind a closed door!

How many revisions can we request?

Payment Details

Cancellation fees

Hours of work for ADR Sessions

We make our best to ensure your product meets the highest standards, after all we are following your vision with our sound. That's why we focus on getting the project finished within 3 or less revisions! ​ We aim to get all the information needed from your project before we start working, this allows us to have a clear focus and direction to make sure your project gets the treatment it deserves! Should you wish to change the initial idea of the project and request further revisions different from the initial vision, We reserve the right to adjust the price accordingly.  ​

We charge a 50% deposit for each project we take on board, with he remaining 50% to be paid upon completion of the last edit including revisions. Remaining payment terms are up to 30 days from the day the invoice is sent. ​ Late-payment penalties for overdue fees will be incurred after 30 days as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

For confirmed work longer than one week, the 50% deposit of the agreed price plus a percentage of any additional work done will be charged as per our fees, and time spent on the project. Cancellation of confirmed jobs will incur a cancellation fee calculated as: - If the job is cancelled 2 business days or less prior to the commencement of a job, 50% of the agreed fee will be incurred. - If the job is cancelled more than 2 business days prior to the commencement of a job, 25% of the agreed fee will be incurred. - Please note a cancellation fee still applies for lost days if the job is rescheduled.

Our studio time for ADR sessions is charged at an hourly rate of £30/h with a minimum of 3 hours to be booked. Overtime must be agreed in advanced of any overtime undertaken with the client and sound engineer at our studios down at Holywell Studio.  ​ Overtime is charged at time and a half of the standard weekday, Saturday or Sunday rate after 8 hrs + 1. Unless there is an 11 hour break between shifts double time will be charged for each hour lost to the 11 hour break period. • Production will pay for a taxi home after 10pm.

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