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Holywell Collective Presents: BLINDᗺUYER'S 'APOLYTIKION' Album Launch Party

Imagine a cozy evening at Holywell Studio back in February, packed with music enthusiasts and artists from East London, all gathering to celebrate Blindbuyer's (a.k.a. Konstantinos Malliaris) 30th birthday and album launch. Hosted by the community of Holywell Collective, it was a night to remember!

As the crowd settled in, anticipation filled the air.... The stage was set for Blindbuyer to unveil his debut album "APOLYTIKION". Fans, family and friends eagerly awaited the music to begin.

" I've been in music since age 13, turned pro at 17. But truth is (...) I scraped savings from low-paid jobs to build a studio in Stratford. No plan, just passion. Financially tanked, but creatively soared. Lived on a studio couch for 2 years, writing music with souls worldwide, shaping my identity. "

Blindbuyer shared in his instagram @_blindbuyer

And when the music began, it was spectacular. With Rory Scott on keys and Jack Martyn-Hillier on guitar, BlindBuyer effortlessly poured his heart and soul into each note. From the intimate balladry of "APOLYTIKION" to the foot-stomping energy of "Act of Shame", Blindbuyer took the audience on a truly intimate & heart-felt journey and a musical rollercoaster!

But it wasn't just the music that kept everyone hooked. This was the beginning of something big for Blindbuyer. As rumours swirled about his upcoming projects in 2024, people couldn't help but wonder. What kind of cool music videos was he planning? And what's this talk about DreamSnatcher LTD's dream-recording tech? Plus, those stories he's been hinting at—some say they're like stuff straight out of a sci-fi flick, I think it's the future!

It's like Blindbuyer's passion for creativity and blending music that can only be described as Post-Future Byzantium is about to open up a whole new world of possibilities and never though off cross overs! All thanks to his unwavering passion for pushing his own boundaries and bringing a community together!

Simply, Bravo.

Holywell Collective's expertise in throwing a great party was evident. The studio buzzed with creativity and perhaps one too many cocktails.

As Blindbuyer finished his set, the crowd erupted into applause, a testament to the magic of the evening. In the end, Blindbuyer's performance was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of music, community, and growth. And with Holywell Collective at the helm, the future looks bright for Blindbuyer and artists alike. Can't wait for the upcoming events!

BLINDᗺUYER'S 'APOLYTIKION' Album Launch Party Credits:

Recording: @audioxology

Mixing & Mastering: @holywellstudio5275

Sound Engineer: @JenningsCouch

Stage Management & Lights: Enrico Borrometi

Presented by: @holywellcollective

Powered by: DreamSnatcher Ltd

Keys: Rory Scott

Guitar: Jack Martyn-Hillier

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