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IPS Training Weekend 15th to 17th March!

Sound is more than just what we hear; it's an intricate journey that intertwines creativity, technology, and expertise. My own journey into the world of sound began with a simple curiosity and has evolved into a profound appreciation for the complexities of audio.

I must admit that before embracing audio as the centre of my world, I simply viewed audio recording as a straightforward process:

point, capture, and repeat… right?

However, my perspective shifted dramatically last year when I was given the chance to be one of the delegates in BECTU’s bi-yearly meeting as part of the audio branch . This meeting further introduced me to organisations such as AMPS and IPS. Suddenly, I realised that audio was not just about capturing sound, but about understanding its nuances, its power to transform its pivotal role in storytelling.

One particularly transformative moment occurred during a residential training weekend at the University of Warwick, hosted by IPS. Surrounded by industry luminaries and experts, I delved into topics ranging from VoIP to psychoacoustics, realising the vastness of the sonic landscape that lay before me. It was a moment of epiphany—a realisation that the world of sound was far more expansive and exhilarating than I had ever imagined.

During the second evening, I had the privilege of conversing with a team of BAFTA-winning sound professionals. Their sage advice resonated deeply with me, reinforcing my passion for sound and inspiring me to strive for excellence.

'Knowledge is Power, and mastering sound will help the movie unlock its full potential'

they remarked, emphasising the importance of mastering sound so that you can help a movie, documentary or any visual media feel real and transport you to that individual sonic world.

As I continue to learn and grow, I am humbled by the endless possibilities that await. Every mentor, colleague, and friend who has supported me along this journey has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of sound.

If you care for sound, or are simply curious to hear about the journey of someone who is discovering this intricate world, I invite you to join me in this crazy adventure and let’s create a sonic adventure!

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