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Davide Laurito

Director Of Sound, Re-recordign Mixer

Hello! I'm David Laurito, an Italian sound designer and re-recording mixer based in London! 

I'm obsessed with sound and constantly listening, imagining the narrative it could create. 

I specialise in crafting immersive soundscapes, editing audio, and producing captivating music. 

My goal is to evoke emotions and transport listeners through the power of sound!

davide laurito audio editor
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ICMP London

Advanced sound for film, games and TV - 6 months course


Goldsmith University London

Synthesiser and audio programming short course


SAE Institute London

1st Degree BA(Hons) Audio Production with a major project focused on audio post production for films and tv.

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Re-recording Mixer Portfolio

Davide Laurito - Re-recording Mixer
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Let's create something amazing together!

I truly believe that delving into every aspect of sound, both before and after production, is the key to truly  craft narratives that WILL  captivate and immerse audiences in new sonic worlds.

I'm here to bring that belief to life and help you create experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.


Got any stories brewing? I'm all ears and eager to dive in!

Let's chat and see how we can collaborate to make magic happen!

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